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Kerr Feed & Grain Company is a fourth-generation family feed business that has been serving farmers and ranchers in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma for over 80 years. 

As a child, Louis Wilton Kerr, Sr. developed an early interest in farming, ranching, and the feed business.  As an adult he took this interest and expanded it into one of Clay County's oldest family-owned businesses.
Born in 1896 in Joy, Texas; Louis Kerr, Sr. was raised on a Clay County farm.  As he grew up he became interested in agriculture and more specifically, the feed business.  In 1930, Mr. Kerr purchased the Cash Feed Store on Main Street in Henrietta.  He sold feed, coal, wood, and farming supplies.  The location of the Cash Feed Store was moved to Bridge Street in 1934, when Mr. Kerr started stocking a supply of groceries.  In 1936, he purchased 30 acres of land, known as the Worsham on East Omega, where he moved to the third and current location.  The feed store stocked Ful-O-Pep feed and farming supplies and had trucks available for livestock hauling hire.

In 1948, Mr. Kerr's son, Louis Wilton Kerr Jr., returned from the navy and joined his father in partnership.  Cash Feed Store was renamed as Kerr Feed and Grain.  To make the business successful, they worked ten to twelve hours a day.  They soon built a grain elevator to accommodate storage for local wheat farmers in the county.


In the 1950's, the Kerr Family started manufacturing a complete line of livestock and poultry feeds, which were sold with a private label and name. Service increased; as a result, the family began to sell to customers within one hundred miles of Henrietta.  The mill serviced several local dairies through the 1960's and into the 70's.


When Louis Kerr, Sr. died in 1968, his son, Wilton, took over. In eighty years, Kerr's has expanded from a one-room general store with one employee to a full-line feed manufacturer/retailer with multiple employees and a small dealer network.  After the passing of Wilton Kerr in 1999 and Bill Bryant in 2012, the family has continued to own and operate the business through present day.  Currently, Wade Bryant (grandson) and Kerri Brown (granddaughter) represent the family in day-to-day management of the operation. 

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